Motorship Victoria
First Look at the Newest Regia Marina Kit in 1:700 Scale

 Regia Marina's newest kit is that of the Motorship, Victoria. In service in 1931 and sunk in 1942. The Victoria was one of the fastest motorships of her day. The kit can be built in her service as a liner, as seen above, as a troopship 1940-1941 in overall dark gray, or as she appeared in 1942 with a light gray/dark gray camouflage. A complete build-up review will be forthcoming.

Victoria2156plan.JPG (36163 bytes) Victoria2158profile.JPG (27155 bytes) Victoria2160bridge.JPG (38991 bytes) Victoria2161forecastle.JPG (30205 bytes)

Victoria2154PE.JPG (73192 bytes) Victoria2155decals.JPG (44474 bytes) Victoria2181decks&stacks.JPG (44367 bytes) Victoria2185smallparts.JPG (47370 bytes)

Victoria2177diag.JPG (58478 bytes) Victoria2183mdeck&stacks.JPG (56571 bytes) Victoria2179foreto2s.JPG (40236 bytes) Victoria2180bridge.JPG (35577 bytes)