Here are photos of a diorama which shows the U-201. It was on July 15th 1942 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean , when the U-201 commanded by the captain, Aldaber Scnhnee, stopped the British tanker, Yeoman,  with a single torpedo and then sank it with the 88mm cannon of in order to save its precious torpedoes. If the actors are historically true, acts are the pure fruit of my imagination, but I think I 'm not too far from the truth because before being enemies, we had to matter above all with sailors who had certain values! To finish the model is the Revell Type VII U-Boat in 1/72 scale, with the Eduard photo-etch, a lot of personal work, and the transformed figurines from the Preiser brand.

(Editor's Note: Labels on photographs incorrectly state U-202, instead of the correct U-201.)

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Nicolas Dupont
, France