While not exactly a "ship" there is a boat and a spaceship in the diorama. I recently finished a diorama for the OIC of the frogmen who did capsule recoveries back when our space vehicles landed n the ocean. It represents the recovery of Gemini 7 and is based on a photo he supplied. Gemini 6 and 7 were the first two spacecraft to practice a rendezvous in space. Gemini 6 was recovered the day before.

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The diorama portrays December 18, 1965. The space capsule pilot, James Lovell Jr, is not shown, he was already in the helicopter. Shown are Mission Commander Frank Borman being hoisted up to the helicopter and divers LT(jg) Chris Bent, DM3 Dave Sutherland, and DM3 Dan Fraser.

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I used the Revell 1/24 scale capsule but I had to scratch-build the open end as the kit came with a nosecone that was blown away in real life to deploy the parachutes. All else was scratch-built and displays the scene both below and above the water's surface.

Bob Santos