These are some photos of the Revell 1/175 scale Lionfish converted into the Icefish, SS-367, as she appeared in 1945. Although I generally build 1/700 scale, Garth Connelly asked if I would convert his Lionfish, built for him by his uncle, into the Icefish. I used the Nautilus Icefish conversion resin kit, their wooden deck, and their SM-02 photo etch set. I also used the Icefish plan set and the Fleet sub book from Floating Drydock to research the build. The resin set was nice, although it helps to have modeling experience to do it justice, and the wooden deck fit perfectly. The photo etch set was very good also, although I wound up making some extra ladder rungs and deck railing stanchions and railings to complete the conversion. The boat was painted in measure 32/3SS-B, using Floquil and Testors paints. Alclad pale gold was used for the props and their polished aluminum for the dolphins on the model base. The antennas were made from 7X Dai Riki line. Special thanks go to James from Nautilus/AAA Hobbies for his assistance in this fun project. This is my first build for Team Garth, and he said if I do a good job this time, he might let me clean the bottom of his PT boat in the future. I can't wait.

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Bob Cicconi