Another "Blast from the Past" - Revell's USS LONG BEACH. This kit of 1960 vintage was originally released even before the real ship was commissioned. Now Revell of Germany re-issued it in their "Revell Classiscs" line. So I decided to build this model once again. I chose the very first fit of this ship because I had some photos of her visit to Bremerhaven in Jan. 1962. Since the kit was mainly developed on the basis of artist's impressions and preliminary drawings, there are lots of inaccuracies to be corrected. This required plenty of putty and plastic sheet and a good deal of filling and sanding. But it was a great joy to build a model in the old way. The photo-etch parts are from Gold Medal Models (1/500 Naval Ship) and Tom's Modelworks (1/500 3-Rail Set). My objection was not only to build a correct model to modern standards, but also to retain the charms and character of this oldie. I hope I could keep the right balance.

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