These are photos of the U-84 that I built for Garth Connelly. It was modified from the 1:125 Revell U-99 kit. The aft platform, 20mm gun assemblies including pedestals, platform and conning tower decks, and nav lights were all scratch-built. The 88mm deck gun barrel, 20mm barrels, and pedestals were turned on a lathe. Extensive modification to the original kit was done, including drilling out the limber holes, grinding off the molded rails and ladders and substituting brass rod, and adding the loop antenna on the starboard side of the tower. Two Nautilus photo etch kits were used, as was an AMP flag that was made specifically for this build. Rigging was .004 dai riki line. Floquil and Testors paints were used as well as Alclad pale gold for the propellers. Keith Bender made the pedestals, mounting base, and cover for me. It was a lot of work as the U-99 is an old kit, but I was happy with the results.

U84BC1836.JPG (73527 bytes) U84bc1837.JPG (70063 bytes) U84bc1838.JPG (100668 bytes)
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Bob Cicconi