Originally designated U-2540, the Wilhelm Bauer is a Type XXI U Boat. It was completed shortly before the end of World War II, but was scuttled in the Baltic Sea without ever having gone on patrol. Raised from the sea floor ten years later, and named after the originator of the first undersea boat designs, this vessel served as a Bundesmarine research vessel through 1968. From 1970 to 1980 it was operated by civilian crews as a test bed for equipment designed for use on other submarines. A collision with a destroyer ended the Bauer’s career and it currently functions as a museum ship in Bremerhaven , Germany .

The model is a 1/144 scale Revell Germany kit, which I built out of the box. This sub was a ‘test bed” for me--it represents my first use of an airbrush, and on the main hull I tried artist’s oils for weathering. Special thanks to Steve Macey and Kyle Nelson for their help. The kit was quick and easy to build and shows off the wonderful, modern shape this vessel had way back in 1945.

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Chuck Bauer