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USS Roper 21 Nov 1943
USS Roper
(APD 20)

High Speed Transport

Preview of
Accurate Image Models
1:350 Scale Resin Kit

The USS Roper was one of 32 high speed troop transports converted from WW1 era Wickes class  "4 piper" destroyers. Stripping out the forward machinery spaces made room for 150 troops (200 over short distances). Above decks the two forward funnels and all torpedo tubes were landed, to be replaced with four LCP(R) landing craft carried in davits. Other obvious changes involved plating in the bridge and replacing the 5" 51 caliber main gun armament with various 3", 40mm and 2mm weapons. Despite reduced propulsion these ships were capable of 23 knots and were used extensively in the Pacific island-hopping campaigns.

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Drawing of typical 4-piper APD conversion

The Accurate Image Models USS Roper features a resin-cast one-piece full hull, resin parts and photoetch brass fret. (See below for photos of the kit's parts). Two camouflage pattern drawings, Ms 22 and Ms. 31/1T, are included. The kit sells for $74.95, plus $3.00 shipping and handling (Foreign orders add 15% for shipping). Checks and money orders are accepted.  For more information contact

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Hull casting
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Port build-up profile
apd1build2.jpg (10649 bytes)
Starboard build-up profile
apd1parts.jpg (20575 bytes)
Resin parts
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Etched brass
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Instructions step 1
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Instructions step 2
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Instructions step 3

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