HMS DREADNOUGHT 1/350 Steel Navy/Rhino Models. This kit was built with the assistance of the Conway’s Anatomy of Ship: Dreadnought as well as numerous photographs. Ship’s boats were discarded and new ones built. Launches are scratch-built from pearwood carved timber hulls. Open boats were White Ensign Models hull shells with scratch-built interiors. Torpedo net is made from shoe lace. The torpedo net shelf is plastic styrene. Torpedo net handling davits are bent wire (lots!) The railings were replaced with White Ensign Models railing. Figures are GMM. Cage ariels were built using ladies tights thread and custom etched (Peter Hall) stars with a staggering amount of failures, swearing and patience. The plating detail on the hull was tape and the name is a PC generated decal. Awning stanchions are scratch-built of sprue and finally rigged with plastic sprue. The model won the gold medal in the 2000 UK IPMS Nationals.

Dreadnought2[1]a.jpg (191938 bytes) Dreadnought3[1]a.jpg (177464 bytes) Dreadnought4[1]a.jpg (190209 bytes)

All photographs were taken by Caroline Snyder and are the property of White Ensign Models.