The kit is the Samek 1:700 scale Royal Oak and I've built it with Gold Medal Model's photo-etch, brass barrels from NNT & Lionroar and some scratch-built parts. The Samek kit has very fine detail and the only big problem I've encountered was that the hull was cast in a kind of resin that is different from the other parts. The shrinkage ratio of these two resins are not the same. I ended up with a very fine deck that is too big to fit into the hull. I had to cut the upper deck in the middle, cut it down by 2mm, then glue it back to one piece. I then pared down the surrounding edge here and there, little bit by a little bit until I could fit it into the hull. I think that it may be only this kit with this problem because I have other Samek kits and they are cast in one type of resin only. 

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Vincent c.f. Lau
Hong Kong