The wait is over! For years masses of modelers have dreamed of the day when they could model a post World War Two Essex class aircraft carrier in 1:700 scale. First Dragon came  out with the Korean War version of the Bon Homme Richard, then the helicopter assault ship version of Boxer and then the CVS version of Princeton. Then Dragon released the unique angled deck trials test ship, Antietam. All of these used Dragon's WWII kits as a base and then added additional parts for their post war appearance.

"Where are the conversions?", you cried. "Where is the axial deck 27A?" and behold Iron Shipwright brought you the Korean War 27A Essex. But then you wanted more, you wanted the holy grail of post WWII Essexes, you wanted the modernized angled deck Essex class. "Were is the 27C, where is the SCB-125?", you whimpered, as heretofore only a sainted handful had acquired the Jim Shirley Oriskany. Then, behold!, the angled deck Ticonderoga appeared from Ships & Company to quench the throats of the parched. With your great thirst slackened, you moaned, "But wait, these exotic  resin kits don't come specific decal sets, woe are us!"

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Once again your supplications have been heard by the Pantheon of producers. This time Starfighter Decals has unleashed a lightning bolt from Olympus in the form of a two sheet decal set for post WWII Essex class carriers in 1:700 scale. Starfighter set 700-70B brings a full house of specialized and customized first quality decals for the post war Essexes, both axial and angled deck. Whatever your secret desire, it is here! Whatever your expressed want, it is here! Whatever your unimagined need, it is here! If you plan to build any post WWII Essex class, this Starfighter decal set is a mandatory acquisition! Why? Because it has everything you need in those two sheets. 

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Sheet One has all of the wonderful ship specific decals. With this sheet you get specific decals for: Essex with name, island numbers, island warning and CVS flight deck helicopter spotting numbers: Yorktown island warning: Intrepid with name, hull & island numbers and island warning: Hornet hull numbers, island warning and CVS helicopter spot numbers: Ticonderoga gets name, island number, island warning, E & C letters: Randolph has name, E and warnings: Lexington has hollow white deck 16 and warnings: Wasp has name, hull number, warning and CVS helicopter half circle spots:  Hancock has island numbers: Shangri-La gets a name and yellow warning: Kearsarge has name, warning and CVS helicopter spot decals: Bennington gets name, warning and CVS helicopter spot markings: Bon Homme Richard has name and red warning outlined in black: and Oriskany gets name and two styles of warnings. Additionally there are name decals for Tarawa, Philippine Sea, Lake Champlain, Leyte, Princeton, Boxer, and Valley Forge, with Midway, Coral Sea and Franklin D. Roosevelt thrown on for good measure. This sheet has contains a variety of multi-colored elevator decals with two forward elevator markings, four rounded square markings, two angle rectangular markings, four deck edge elevator markings, six ordnance elevator markings and two blast deflector warnings. Two types of flight deck lines are included on this sheet, one with single lines alternating white and yellow and the other with white double lines for the angled deck. To round out this sheet are non-specific white island numbers, a non specific red warning and red & white solid rectangles.

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The second sheet has three types of large flight deck numbers, shaded island numbers and five styles of flight deck lines. Two of the sets of flight deck markings are yellow, one solid white and the other white with black shading. Each set has two 1s and single 2 through 0. For the flight deck lines there are six runs of broken white lines, six runs of broken yellow lines, three solid yellow runs, two thin solid white runs and four thin alternating white and red runs.

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The Starfighter Decals set 700-70B is invaluable in allowing the modeler to accurately depict any of the post World War Two Essex class carriers. With two sheets of decals, both ship-specific and commonly shared, this one set will provide enough accurate decals to depict multiple members of the class.