Kidd DD661 Steinbrunn.jpg (55526 bytes)
USS Kidd @ 90% completion stage

DD 661
1:192 Scale Model
Built and Photographed
Bob Steinbrunn

Bob Steinbrunn's remarkable 1:192 USS Kidd was 70% scratchbuilt from basswood, pewter, brass & styrene. The Blue Jacket Shipcrafters kit was the start point. The model required 2,025 construction hours spread over 4 1/2 years and is comprised of 14,228 pieces. The Mariners' Museum Scale Ship Model Competition & Exhibition 2000 has been judged and the winners announced (
Bob's USS Kidd was honored with a gold medal in its category (96% minimum point value), The August F. Crabtree "Best in Show" award, and the United States Navy "Best Navy Vessel" award. You trophy hounds out there needing a dose of humility, here it is.

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bridge.jpg (42616 bytes)
Fwd superstructure
bowboat.jpg (53384 bytes)
Superstructure details
torptube.jpg (28095 bytes)
Midship details, torpedo tubes
aftdeck.jpg (22703 bytes)
Aft 5" mounts

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