Many of you may have wondered about Ray Bean's CDs of USN warships. His available selections mostly cover post World War Two aircraft carriers but there are other selections. This CD is of USS Enterprise CVN-65 and covers the Big E from the early days with the bee hive island to the present. Some photographs are scanned from cruise books and are in black and white. Some of these are somewhat grainy because they are scans of a book printed photograph, rather than an original photograph. However, the great majority are high resolution color photographs of excellent clarity and resolution. They cover overall views, as well as detail of positions and fittings on the big flattop. The disc comes with a color cardboard/heavy paper cover but there is no decoration on the disc, other than the printed name with Ray's signature underneath. On this disc, which is volume 4, in his series, there are ten folders, which include various photographs of the topic of the folder. Folder names with number of photographs in each folder are: Beehive Area (19); Bow Angles (10); Flight Deck Views and Fittings (20); Hangar Bay (14); Island (41); Masts/Radars (7); Port Side Views (25); Sponson Fittings (6); Starboard (46); and Stern (20). Some of the photographs are labeled and some are not.

Ent5200.JPG (18909 bytes) BRIDGEISLANDFRONT 1967 CVAN 65.JPG (11350 bytes) CVN 65 PORT ISLAND VIDEO STATION.JPG (15163 bytes) STARBOARD BOW OBLIQUE 2004 UNDERWAY B30.JPG (27546 bytes)
RARE PORT QUARTER CVN 65.JPG (22497 bytes) TILLY CRANE YELLOW  1999.JPG (25152 bytes) CVN65 BPDMS LNCHR STARBOARD FORWARD SPONSON.JPG (38900 bytes) CVN 65 HANGAR BAY-F18 2002 B19.JPG (20170 bytes)

The cover lists 130 photographs but my count there are actually 208 photographs on this disc. The photographs are large and the seven shown above were greatly reduced in size for this review. If you look for carrier photographs by acquiring cruise books of the Big E, you'll get far more photographs, of better quality, and at only a fraction of the cost with Ray's CD. Try one out, you'll be pleased.