This is the 1/350 scale Tamiya I-400 kit. I have added White Ensign Model's photo-etch railings as well as the Tamiya 1/350 scale plastic figures. The I-400 is presented in her final configuration for the attack on Ulithi Atoll, complete with M6A1 Seiran attack aircraft painted in fake 'star and bar' US insignia. The war came to an end and the attack on the carrier group at Ulithi Atoll was scrapped. Ordered to return to Japan , the aircraft were jettisoned before the sub was captured on the return leg to Japan .

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The basic colours are Tamiya acrylic colours XF-75 IJN Grey (Kure Arsenal) for the main hull and XF-24 Tank Grey for the deck areas. I was concerned that the two greys contrasted quite a bit to begin with although by the time  the weathering was finished, the hue of the greys had changed a fair bit and the contrast was reduced. The base greys were oversprayed with two tones of the lightened base colour, the upper areas receiving the lighter shading. Paint chips were applied by hand with thinned paint and a fine brush and the rust streaks were applied with an airbrush using heavily thinned Tamiya Red Brown and by hand using Windsor and Newton artist oils, mostly burnt sienna and raw umber.

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