Finally, after much stress & strain, I have finished this kit. I always wanted to depict the Prince of Wales in her final configuration. I figured that the camouflage she sported on her final mission would be quite a challenge to my modeling skills. I was damn near suicidal after dealing with that camouflage pattern; the first I have ever attempted...I used a mix of Floquil Marine colors as well as Tamiya Acrylics and used the GMM PE set.

POW03QuinnBracken.JPG (72172 bytes) POW05QuinnBracken.JPG (119983 bytes) POW07QuinnBracken.JPG (94470 bytes)
POW08QuinnBracken.JPG (77922 bytes) POW26QuinnBracken.JPG (64585 bytes) POW27QuinnBracken.JPG (64012 bytes)
POW33QuinnBracken.JPG (109632 bytes) POW31QuinnBracken.JPG (45784 bytes) POW34QuinnBracken.JPG (116008 bytes)