This is Nave FIUME built from the 1/400 Tauro kit. I added a 1/400 photo-etch set from Flagship Models and some details from Gold Medal Models. The chain is from Campbell Products. The model represents FIUME just months prior to her loss at Matapan. The hardest part of the kit was the main mast detail, I had a few good references but the instructions were vague in this area. Matching the colors was hard too. Lastly, at the time there were few references on the RO-43 floatplane. The port side of the model is rigged for in port while the starboard side is rigged for sea. I have the paravane ready for deployment!

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I picked up the kit in Taranto, Italy while I was assigned to a NATO Naval staff. We were embarked on GARIBALDI as the flagship. It was a great ten days! The model took a 3rd place at IPMS USA Nationals in 2002.

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Charles Landrum