My good friend, James Lee, just finished a gorgeous 1/96 scale USS Ticonderoga CG-47. He spent almost a year to finish such a masterpiece. Although he didn't think that his work is good enough to be posted, I think his Ticonderoga is beautiful.

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The hull and superstructure came from the BaD Ship Model's 1/96 scale Ticonderoga Class cruiser. All of the small parts are Sirma's modern US Naval fittings. James is a professional temple decoration artist. This is his first time to build big scale ship model. At first, he had no confidence to accomplish building such a big fellow. When he really achieved the goal, his next plan was soon determined. Before the end of 2003, we will possibly see the more gorgeous 1/96 Taiwanese Perry class frigate-FFG 1101 Cheng Kung.

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Melvin Tung