Now that the F-14 Tomcat has been retired, the F/A-18 Super Hornet is the all purpose combat aircraft for the USN carrier fleet. If you want to stay current with a modern 1:350 scale version of the Nimitz Class carriers, youíll need more Super Bugs. Once you pick up the extra sets of Hornets, of course youíll want to give them a super detail treatment with brass photo-etch accessories. Tomís Modelworks has a brass photo-etch set designed just specifically for the F/A-18 Super Hornet in 1:350 scale. With set #3550 you can take on a squadron of Super Bugs with parts for twelve aircraft and a few spare parts thrown in.

F18s5741pack.JPG (20500 bytes) F18s5743fret.JPG (22890 bytes) F18s5750struts.JPG (19135 bytes)
F18s5749struts.JPG (27214 bytes) F18s5746doors.JPG (23014 bytes) F18s5747doors.JPG (22611 bytes) F18s5745pylons.JPG (22297 bytes)

When you examine the parts quantity the nose gear provides the liming factor as far as quantity of Hornets that can be equipped. Toms provides twelve of the prominent nose gear in the set. For main landing gear struts, 26 are provided but since the nose gear limit you to twelve aircraft, youíll use 24 main gear and have two spares. For main landing gear doors, the fret supplies 24 inside forward doors and 24 outside rear doors. Nose gear doors come with 15 middle doors and 13 each for right side and left side doors. For tail hooks the set supplies 12 tail hooks and 13 drag link doors. For packing ordnance Toms supplies 48 wing pylons. The set also provides some extra deck goodies for birds that are not spotted on cats. Included are seven tow bars for those Hornets being maneuvered into position and eight cockpit entry ladders for aircraft getting ready for flight.

F18s5748pylons.JPG (25762 bytes) F18s5752thook.JPG (26421 bytes) F18s5751tow.JPG (20849 bytes)
F18s5744tow.JPG (18680 bytes) F18s5753inst.JPG (11159 bytes) F18s5754instA.JPG (17929 bytes) F18s5755instB.JPG (18319 bytes)