Tom's Modelworks
Set #250-01

For the Revell 1:250 Scale
Buckley Class Destroyer Escort/
HMS Bligh

Box Contents

Tom's Modelworks Set #250-01 is for use with the recently re-issued 1:250 scale Revell HMS Bligh. This Captains Class frigate (the Royal Navy classification), is identical to the Buckley class class destroyer escorts used by the US Navy. It's worth noting that Buckley class destroyer escorts were originally designed for Royal Navy use.  The Revell HMS Bligh is suitable for modelers wishing to build either a Buckley or Captains class escort vessel. Click the instruction scans below for more detailed information regarding the specific parts included on this fret, which sells for $25. Customers ordering direct from Tom's Modelworks and mentioning Warship or SMML can get $3 off the purchase price.

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