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United States Navy Battleship
West Virginia

1:350 Scale
Produced by Tom's Modelworks

The Tom's Modelworks 1:350 scale USS West Virginia is a two piece full-hull model depicting the ship in its 1941 fit.  One of three Colorado class battleships (the others were Colorado and Maryland), West Virginia was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Subsequently raised, she was rebuilt and returned to the fleet over two years later with a radically changed appearance.   Her distinctive cage masts were gone and she gained prominent torpedo bulges, among many other substantial alterations.  This kit depicts the West Virginia at the time of her sinking and can be built as either a waterline or full hull model.

The model is available from Tom's Modelworks for $225, with the waterline version priced at $200.  It will be available at the US IPMS Nationals in Santa Clara, CA., July 2- 4, 1998.

Click the thumbnail pics below to view full-size photo of the Tom's West Virginia

For More information contact

Tom's Modelworks
1050 Cranberry Drive
Cupertino, CA.  95014

Phone: 1-408-777-TOMS  (1-408-777-8667)
Email: TomsModelworks@worldnet.att.net
WebSite:  www.tomsmodelworks.com/

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Instruction Sample
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Etched Brass
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Cage Mast Brass

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