Etched Brass fret
USS Oregon (BB-3)
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USS Oregon 1898

Tom's Modelworks
1:225 Scale Brass

Rob Mackie

The venerable Glencoe 1/225 scale injection molded kit of the USS Oregon (BB-3) has been around for many years.  Costing US $15-$25, it is a big and impressive piece of plastic that is showing its age. The detail and molding quality are not up to current standards.  The newly issued Tom's Modelworks fret, specifically designed for the Glencoe kit, goes a long way towards bringing this model into the 1990s. It is a very complete -and large (11.5" x 5.5")- piece of etched brass. 

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It is difficult to find anything that has been omitted. The fret is accompanied by 11 pages of detailed instructions for improving the Glencoe kit using Tom's brass.  The author has built three of these kits and I can say unequivocally that they are the best set of  etched brass instructions I have ever seen. They not only provide clear, well written brass installation guidance, but also many useful tips for improving the Glencoe kit. They will prove useful to anyone building the Oregon and are reproduced in full at the end of this review. They are that good.  But I strongly recommend using Tom's brass, the most comprehensive available for the Glencoe Oregon, for the best results.

This is yet another example of the steady improvement in the instructions coming from the cottage industry.  All of the larger producers have improved in the past year.  This is a noteworthy trend.  Clear, easy-to-follow instructions are almost as important as the kit itself and go a long way towards enhancing the modeler's enjoyment.

This USS Oregon fret sells for US $30 and is available from either Tom's Modelworks or Pacific Front.

For More information contact

Tom's Modelworks
1050 Cranberry Drive
Cupertino, CA.  95014

Phone: 1-408-777-TOMS  (1-408-777-8667)

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