This is my build of Trumpeter`s 1:350 scale Admiral Hipper. It is an out of the box (OOB) build. There was only one mistake that I found with the kit, that was the starboard crane was placed too far aft, It should have been directly opposite the port one. This was quickly rectified by removing the location hole and moving the crane forward by 1/4".As far as I can tell, there are no other mistakes in the kit. I replaced the Arado aircraft with one from the RoG kit of the Bismarck, as I don't care too much for the clear Arado kits included in the kit, the plastic is very brittle ,and easily broken. On top of that the fit of the parts was terrible. The model took 33 days to  build ,and it was a most enjoyable experience, well worth the money.

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Phil Reeder