This is my 1:350th scale BB-55 USS North Carolina, from the Trumpeter kit built for a customer. I used Tomís Modelworks photo-etch and painted the Showboat with Pollyscale acrylic paint. Overall, it was a very fun build, with a few minor nit-picks.

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1.Joining the deck sections is always a challenge to get right, and this was no exception. No secrets here, just Tenax R7 glue, Squadron White Putty, sanding and rescribing the planking. 2. No shipís name for the stern supplied in the decals. 3. Fit of the upper and lower hull halves is a bit offÖitís like the upper half is SLIGHTLY larger than the bottom. My customer requested the post-war gray scheme with light weathering. I prefer the wartime dazzle and a lot of wear and tear, as it is more fun to do! Washington is next, this time in camo!!!!

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Rick Cotton
Houston , Texas