This is the Trumpeter Seawolf, basically stock with the following enhancements - Reshaped the bow, added zincs to the stern. Added the stern and wake light housing to the top of the rudder. Scribed louvers for the Diesel Exhaust plenum at the training edge of the sail. The paint used was Model Master insignia red with a little flat black added. The boot topping and nozzle are Model Master Aircraft Insignia Black and the topsides and sail are Model Master Racing Colors Semi Gloss Black. I painted the masts and antennas by hand. The decalsí colors were all off in the kit. The model depicts an operational boat, which would have no markings other than draft marks. It could use a coat of dull coat after the clear for applying the decals, but I don't want to lose the semi gloss look of the topsides.

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Mike Pajewski