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SS Brooklyn
Steam Harbor Tug
Iron Shipwright

1:350 Scale Full Hull Kit


Rob Mackie

Built in 1910, the SS Brooklyn was typical of the steam harbor tugs used from 1900 through WW2. These tugs relied on triple-expansion steam power and were unarmed. The disproportionately tall stack makes them easy identifiable.  Pictured below is a particularly nice 1/96th scale SS Brooklyn model that I photographed at the Smithsonian US History Museum in Washington, D.C. The model shows her in civilian livery and should be helpful in detailing this model.

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SS Brooklyn Steam Harbor Tug
Length: 105' Beam: 24'  Draft:13'

The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale SS Brooklyn is a one piece full hull kit. Photo etched brass is included. Construction should be exceptionally easy as there are only five resin parts including the hull. A photo-etched fret with all necessary railing and details is included. The Iron Shipwright kit will include two of these tugs and sell for $35. See the Iron Shipwright catalog page for availability.

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Comparison of the Brooklyn to other
Iron Shipwright 350 scale tugs

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Resin parts
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Etched brass

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