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US Army Harbor Tug
LT 45
Iron Shipwright

1:350 Scale Full Hull Kit


Rob Mackie

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US Army Harbor Tug
LT 784
Length: 149'

The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale US Army Harbor Tug is a one piece full hull kit. Photo etched brass is included. The hull casting on my pre-production sample was very clean. This appears to be a "one evening" model. Besides the usual cleanup, construction will consist of affixing the resin vent stacks and the etched brass details. I lack any further information about this particular class of tug. The Iron Shipwright kit will  sell for $35. See the Iron Shipwright catalog page for availability.

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Comparison of US Army harbor tug to other Iron Shipwright 1:359 scale tugs

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Resin parts
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Etched brass
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