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Type 34A
WWII German Destroyer

Iron Shipwright
1:350 Scale Model

Rob Mackie

Type 34A Class German Destroyer
Vital Statistics

Displacement: 2,200 tons standard; 3,110 tons full load
Length: 397' oa, 3801'7"wl; Beam: 37'
Performance: 38kts maximum range: 1,900nm @ 19kts
Guns (as built): five 5" (5x1); four 37mm (2x2); six 20mm (6x1)
Torpedoes: eight 21.7" in two quad mounts

Mines: 60
Complement: 325

The Iron Shipwright Type 34A German destroyer is a 1:350 scale two-piece full hull model. It shows a typical Type 34A destroyer in her 1942 fit. These were the first true destroyers built by Germany subsequent to WWI, and the first to utilize superfiring guns forward. AA armament was augmented considerably as the war progressed, though it varied from ship to ship. Steinbrinck, for instance, carried fourteen 37mm mounts (7x2) while other surviving class members carried only four . There were sixteen Type 34 and 34A destroyers, ten of which were lost during the war, five in the fiords at Narvik, Norway on 13 April 1940.

The Type 34A is now available direct from Commanders Models, Inc., as well as dealers that regularly stock this line (Pacific Front, Rocky Mountain Shipyard, APC Hobbies et al). 

For further information contact

Commanders Models, Inc.
Iron Shipwright Series
551 Wegman Road
Rochester, NY  14624
Phone: 1-888-IRONSHIP  (1-888-476-6744)
Email: dparis@eznet.net

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