If you want to add extremely fine detailed single 20mm Oerlikons to your 1:350 scale USN model, Voyager Model has a product in which you may be interested. Most modelers are familiar with the single Orlikon mounted on a solid tapering pillar. All plastic kits have this pattern, if they have Oerlikons at all, and almost all resin kits. However there was another pattern that used a light weight tripod base. With the numbers of Oerlikons leaping upward, plus the crew to man them, ships were gaining too much weight. The open tripod base was lighter than the solid pillar and its incorporation was just one way to save weight. Voyager Model photo-etch set VND0602 provides for single 20mm Oerlikons with open tripod bases in 1:350 scale.

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This set provides parts for ten single mounts. There are two frets, which combined provide for five parts for each gun. Fret A contains three parts per gun with a barrel & attached gun sight, gun shield and gun cradle with shoulder rests and shield bracing. Fret B includes the last two parts per gun and these are for the pedestal. These parts are the base plates and tripods. Relief-etching is provided throughout the set.

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