If you are a Japanese captain, what do you do to protect your ship from a lucky torpedo hit to your steering gear? History is replete with examples of freak torpedo strikes dooming warships. If a torpedo hits the rudder, you can be in serious trouble. Look at the Bismarck . She was almost home free when a freak strike from a Swordfish torpedo jammed her rudders and sealed her fate. Well there is no need to sharpen your sword for seppu-ku, because Voyager Model has your shipís insurance policy in 1:700 scale. With Voyager set AP-045 Imperial Japanese Navy Emergency Set, youíll be locked and loaded with emergency rudders the next time you lose rudder control. What? Oh, youíre an admiral with a whole squadron to outfit? No sweat! Voyager includes six emergency rudders in two of the seasonís hottest styles. Plus for the occasional overboard sailor, this Voyager set includes life-rings and their storage racks. While not enough for the whole crew in a general abandon ship call, they certainly will come in handy the next time Admiral Yamamoto falls overboard during his inspection of your ship. Just throw him a life ring and pack your bags for Combined Fleet Staff.

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Voyager Models photo-etch set AP-045, Emergency Set, provides six emergency rudders in gleaming brass on fret A. As long as the ship could make way at a decent speed, these emergency rudders could be rigged and trailed behind the ship to give some degree of steerage. The emergency rudder was operated off three cables. All three split into twin yokes right before reaching the rudder. The shortest cable was on centerline and was hooked to the near side spine of the emergency rudder. The two longer cables connected to starboard and port sides on the far side of the rudder. By taking in or letting out the port or starboard cable the degree at which the water flowed over the rudder changed and imparted some steerage to a crippled ship. Each of the six rudders has two parts, the exterior layer with the relief-etching and an interior layer. Each layer folds together, so the completed emergency rudder will be four layers of brass thick. The brass parts of both layers already have the eyebolts used to secure the rudder to the cables from the ship. This fret also has 24 life rings. Fret B is of stainless steel and provides 12 life ring racks in two styles of six each.