About two years ago Voyager Model of Shanghai China produced an avalanche of 1:700th scale photo-eth sets, primarily for IJN topics. Then Voyager went silent on the ship detailing scene as they went into the armor and aircraft detailing market. Well, Voyager is back in a big way in detail sets for ships models, including detail sets with turned brass parts and resin replacement parts. This set of replacement turrets for the Fuso Class battleships is just the first one we'll look at. The set includes all six turrets in resin in three different patterns and all have turned brass barrels already attached to the resin turrets.

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You may not have realized that the Fuso class had three different turret styles. Two turrets had no range finders at the rear crown of the turret and the four turrets that did have range finders had two turrets with one crown pattern and the other two turrets with a different crown fittings layout. Voyager covers the varieties in style. Not only are the turret castings of excellent quality but they also have extraordinarily well done blast bags. But the topping on the cake is the inclusion of brass barrels, not as separate items but already attached to the resin turrets for a uniform appearance. The barrels are slightly elevated over the horizontal and have hollow muzzles. Voyager is back into the ship market in a big way and this set is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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