It is late 1942 and things have turned for the worse for the fortunes of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Since the loss of four front line carriers in June, there has been a see-saw contest in the Pacific culminating in the grinding battle of attrition over Guadalcanal. The air power of the US has only increased as the new inexperienced Japanese aviators are far less trained than their American opponents. Machine guns on IJN warships gave way to single 25mm AA cannons but even these are now overwhelmed. To provide even more AA defense, the twin 25mm mount was introduced for additional protection for ships of destroyer size and up. Now Voyager Model lets you add your own up-graded AA defenses with photo-etch set VNC0602, IJN Twin 25mm Mounts. The set consists of three stainless steel and three brass frets. Each stainless steel fret contains parts for ten twin 25mm guns with parts provided for two barrels of double thickness, mount and frame. The brass frets contains parts for ten round bases and ten foot platforms. Parts are relief-etched.

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