In the last couple of installments of the Voyager Imperial Japanese Navy 1:700 scale photo-etch saga, Voyager photo-etch sets for battleship and cruiser aircraft handling equipment and fittings were featured. What about the tin can sailors of the IJN? Aircraft catapults donít help them. Well Voyager Model has thought about the ďsmall boyĒ enthusiasts as well with this multi-fret photo-etch detail set of Imperial Japanese Navy depth charge equipment. Now the Japanese destroyers can receive super detailed weapons to use against those lurking gangster submarines of the USN. Actually this set is more than photo-etch. True, Voyager provides three photo-etch frets with this set, Voyager AP-041, but also individual brass depth charges come with this set. Where else will you find this detail?

Vdep0993pack.JPG (9675 bytes) Vdep0994frets.JPG (29104 bytes) Vdep0995fretA.JPG (26524 bytes)
Vdep0998racks.JPG (22699 bytes) Vdep0999racks.JPG (26243 bytes) Vdep1000racks.JPG (23004 bytes)
Vdep1001racks.JPG (21543 bytes) Vdep1005fretB.JPG (40462 bytes) Vdep1011fretC.JPG (19095 bytes)
Vdep1003tracks.JPG (23645 bytes) Vdep1004tracks.JPG (20437 bytes) Vdep1008dc.JPG (24213 bytes) Vdep1012inst.JPG (14240 bytes)

Fret A contains the depth charge racks. There are a total of twelve racks included on this fret. Eight are stern racks in two different styles and the other four are side racks. As with the other Voyager photo-etch sets, relief etching is used throughout this product. Fret C contains what appears to be deck rails for reloading the stern racks. Fret B may be the most incredible product in this set, as it contains 110 relief etched depth charge ends. Thatís right, Voyager provides a bag of brass depth charges in this set and then you add two stainless steel end plates to each brass charge. This is mind-boggling detail.