Well Junior Woodchucks, do you remember when you were a child and your mom said in her uniquely nurturing voice, “Hey Junior! Were you born in a barn? Close the door!”? Now you are an adult and are married. Now your beautiful bride has acquired her own loving voice of command. “Hey Moron ! Were you born in a barn? Close the door!” You may not get away with leaving a door open at your home but thanks to Voyager Model you sure can leave them open in your 1:700 scale Imperial Japanese Fleet. With the Voyager Model photo-etched set AP-044, Imperial Japanese Navy Watertight Doors, you can leave 146 doors open, if you wish. But wait! There’s more! A second fret in this set brings 65 deck hatches.

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This two fret set has the larger stainless steel fret contains 146 doors, all with doors open. If you wish to have a door close, simply close it like a real door. Each door has the rim fitting and sill above the door. The relief-etched doors come in 14 styles and each style is further divided into right hand and left hand doors. Some doors have front and back sides that fold together. Some have rounded tops and others square tops. They all have dogs, hinges, handles and other detail relief-etched on their surfaces. The smaller of the two frets, again in stainless steel, contains a wide assortment of deck hatches and skylights. Eight of the largest gangway hatches can be assembled open or closed and skylights come with open or closed portholes. Install them your way but don’t let your mom know if you leave them open.