Stairs to the landlubber equates to inclined ladders to the sailor. They are an almost universal feature on any ship. The Imperial Japanese Navy had different types of inclined ladders for their warships. If you are building any 1:700 scale IJN warship, you really need to use photo-etched inclined ladders to add that extra level of detail and fidelity.  Voyager Model now produces their own set of 1:700 scale Imperial Japanese Navy inclined Ladder. With the Voyager Model photo-etched set AP-046, Imperial Japanese Navy Ladder Set 1, you can outfit a number of your Japanese warship kits.

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This two-fret set has inclined ladders on one fret and vertical ladders on the other so you cover all of the bases. What is different about this Voyager Model set is found in two areas. Of course each inclined ladder comes with hand rails that fold upward over the treadway. That is common among better photo-etch sets. Inclined ladders without handrails aren’t worth attaching. No, what is different is #1 – individual bendable treads. Even with the best photo-etch producers the individual treads of an inclined ladder are likely to resemble bars in 1:700 scale. With this set not all but a substantial number of the inclined ladders have treads that can be bent at an angle from the ladder structure. Difference #2 is tread pattern. The treads in this set actually have a grid pattern. You may have to see it under magnification but this level of detail is phenomenal in 1:700 scale. The second of the stainless steel frets included in this set is comprised of three types of vertical ladder. With 11 long runs of ladder you get plenty of ladder but it is the same as any other company’s vertical ladder. After all, other than the basic design, there is not much detail that you can add to a vertical ladder.