Voyager Model made a whole series of specialized photo-etch sets for 1:700 scale Imperial Japanese warships when it first arrived on the scene. The company is continuing this excellent tradition with another series of new photo-etch products for the IJN. Here is one of their newest, Voyager set VNC0310. This set contains two identical photo-etch frets of relief-etched portholes/scuttles for IJN warships. Each fret has portholes in six different designs. Included are large and small portholes with "eyebrow" but no porthole cover, large and small portholes with cover hinged at the top, and large and small portholes with cover hinged at the side. All are relief-etched and the covers can be posed open closed or swung out at any angle. . These parts have universal application for all IJN surface vessels, although I would doubt their usage on a submarine. As Voyager so aptly phrased it in their instructions for this set, "These sex types of Side scuttles are suitable for use on all IJN warships." Oh well, their English is far, far better than my Chinese.

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