Now that your Japanese destroyers are equipped with the new Voyager Model depth charge set AP-041, your ship should be safe from submarines but what about those pesky Devastators? They still could get through your Type 0 fighter screen. If that happens you’ll have to rely on your ship’s antiaircraft gunners. Your gunners are eager to swat these pests out of the sky. Do they have the ordnance up to the job? With the Voyager Model AP-047 Imperial Japanese Navy Antiaircraft Gun photo-etch set you’ll be able to outfit your gunners with single, twin and triple barrel 25mm light AA guns.

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With AP-047 Voyager Model provides sixteen single 25mm guns, twelve twin 25mm and twelve triple 25mm guns. This set also comes with two photo-etch sets. The largest fret is composed of stainless steel and contains the bulk of the gun fittings. The smaller brass fret contains the base plates for the various guns. Each triple gun consists of five parts; end barrels, middle barrel, barrel receiver part, mounting and base plate/front shield. The twin mount has four parts; barrels, barrel receiver part, mounting and base plates. Single guns consist of four or three parts. The difference with the single guns involves the number of square base plates provided. For the single 25mm guns Voyager provides sixteen sets of: barrel, mounting and small circular base, however, only ten square plates are provided. Almost every one of the 166 total parts provided on these two frets are relief-etched. For each type of AA gun the modeler will have to fold the photo-etched parts to get it in the proper form, so it will take some level of comfort with working in photo-etch.