Another of the new photo-etch detail sets from Voyager Model in 1:700 scale for the warships of the IJN is pack AP-049. This is another Voyager two-fret set but this time devoted to the aircraft handling deck fittings found on Japanese heavy cruisers and most battleships. Most of the big Japanese ships had deck rails fitted to the deck. Aircraft were moved from storage to the catapult on the deck rail system and their direction of movement could be changed through turntables. If you look at almost every 1:700 scale kit, these deck railings and turntables are shown by just raised lines on the deck. With this Voyager set, the modeler can go far beyond this rudimentary status and really pack detail into this prominent, although overlooked area of fittings.

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With Voyager AP-049 you receive two frets, one brass and one stainless steel. The brass fret is the larger of the two. This fret is devoted mostly to the deck railing but also has some items for the turntables. There are two styles of railing in the set. Since the aircraft dollies were rolled on two rails, you will have twin rails for each set of railing. Voyager provides five sets of railing (a total of ten rails) for each of the two styles of railing. Voyager provides two templates on this fret for drilling locator holes for their brass railing. First you would have to remove any plastic cast on railing. Then use the templates to drill locator hulls and finally attach the rails. For the turntables, the brass fret provides eight turntable bases, in which the turntable rests. Lastly there are 16 rails for the turntable decks. The stainless steel fret contains the eight turntable decks. Each of these is beautifully relief-etched with the intricate Japanese grid pattern. Also the locations for the turntable rails are indicated by recessed lines and have locator holes already present. With this Voyager set, the modeler of IJN heavies can for the first time bring detail previously found on only 1:350 scale and larger kits, to the world of 1:700 scale.