Even with the development of the twin 25mm AA gun mount, the Japanese navy needed even heavier and more effective antiaircraft defenses. One solution was to add an extra barrel to the twin mount to create a triple 25mm gun mount. These mounts were heavy so they were normally mounted on only the heaviest warships, heavy cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Voyager Model now produces a 1:700 scale set of triple IJN 25mm AA gun mounts. Set VNC0603 includes six frets of relief etch stainless steel or brass that will provide parts for a total of 30 triple 25mm gun mounts. Three of the frets are stainless steel and include thirty double thickness guns, mount and gunners seats. The gunners seats even have ventilation perforations. There are three brass frets which each provide ten base plates and ten foot platforms. 

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