The Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft gun may have been the greatest thing going in 1941 but by 1944 it had lost a good bit of its punch. It was still the same fine piece of ordnance but the newest Japanese aircraft were bigger and tougher than the early war aircraft. To add more punch and also to somewhat reduce crew size, the twin Oerlikon started replacing single mounts. To cut the weight of the mount an open tripod mount replaced the older solid pylon design. If you are building any late war USN warship larger than a destroyer, then odds are she carried twin Oerlikon mounts. With Voyager Model set VND0603 Twin 20mm Oerlikon AA Guns photo-etch set you can add these new weapons to your arsenal. The set consists of two brass photo-etch frets. One has the barrels, mounts and gun shields and the other has the base plate and tripod mount. Parts are relief-etched. Each set gives you five parts per gun mount and there are parts for ten of the twin mounts.

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