Voyager Model of Shanghai , China has released quite a few photo-etch super detail sets in 1:700 scale for various types of equipment of the Japanese Imperial Navy. This Voyager set, AP-048, is devoted to Japanese boat equipment. The set consists of two photo-etch sets, the largest in brass and the smaller in stainless steel, plus one page of instructions. The quality of the parts on both frets is excellent.

Vboat980pack.JPG (11898 bytes) Vboat981frets.JPG (38897 bytes) Vboat985det.JPG (24876 bytes)
Vboat986dav.JPG (27910 bytes) Vboat987det.JPG (18249 bytes) Vboat988det.JPG (27332 bytes)
Vboat990det.JPG (25782 bytes) Vboat991fret2.JPG (43612 bytes) Vboat992inst.JPG (13624 bytes)

The large brass fret contains about 60% davits, 30% boat chocks and 10% boat fittings. There are five styles of davits. Each davit is one piece but folds onto itself to add extra thickness and a three-dimensional quality. Rigging and pulleys are worked into each one-piece davit and almost every piece is relief-etched. These are the best davits available, although each davit will require precision to fold. The boat chocks come in three styles. Two styles are used to cradle the heavier boats with three chocks. The two end chocks have deck support cables, while the middle chock does not. The third style of chocks is for the lighter boats. As with the davits, the chocks are folded together to increase the thickness of the chock. Each chock is relief-etched. Also found on the brass fret are boat rudders and two types of rudder mounting plates. The smaller fret contains all boat fittings. For engine powered boats there are eight propellers and eight keel/shaft fittings. For oared boats there are 33 oars.