So, you always wanted to be a naval aviator. Here you are, sitting on the deck of the Big E and your Tomcat doesnít have the purr that it used to. Is your academy buddy, Jocko, razzing you because your Hornet doesnít have a sting? There is nothing wrong with you bunky, itís your bird. Give your ride the customized accessory performance package from the pros of White Ensign Models. 

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Let me guess. You are still flying the stock model birds that come with the Tamiya 1:350th scale USS Enterprise. Is it any wonder that your aircraft feels glued to the deck? Look at the landing gear. Those thick plastic pegs really create a lot of friction going down the deck. You need the light weight streamlined struts with wheels that come in the WEM Enterprise Airwing Set. Check your flaps, the stock versions are non-positional. You need the crisp clean WEM flaps to really get lift for your catapult shots. 

Tomcats & Hornets
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How many times have you been lined up to take the perfect shot at that pesky bandit, only to see him pop his airbrakes and have you scoot on past? No wonder, your stock fighter doesnít have airbrakes. Once you install your new WEM airbrakes, youíll quickly see that Bandit Charlie will stop his smoking and joking when you stay with him in his maneuver and send a missile up his tailpipe. 

Intruders & Vikings
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Speaking of missiles, you may be good with the gun but those missiles can really come in handy. How do they get on the rails of your bird, through osmosis? No, your deck crew has to load them on the rails. Do they have to hump them to your bird with muscle power? Donít wear out your crew. Do them and yourself a favor and get the WEM Airwing Set with its eight sidewinder missile trolleys. The next time you have to scramble, Jocko will be still on the deck, looking quizzically at his bare rails because his exhausted crew couldnít manhandle the missiles in time, while you are up and have already splashed three bandits. Watch the CAG grin with pleasure as you receive your well earned Navy Cross, while the only thing that Jocko receives is a hand gesture in sequence and then in unison from his bone-tired crew, because he was too cheap to spring for the WEM missile trolleys. 

Sidewinder Trolleys
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Air to Air combat may be exciting but that is not the only thing in your job description. You know that youíll have to go in and support the mud marines with CAS missions. How is your ordnance hanging? Duct tape is a wonderful invention but it really canít handle those 2,000 pounders. What you need are the high-speed low-drag weapons pylons from the WEM pros. You know that the CAG can be awfully humorless and the Carrier Commander down right surly when Jockoís ordnance rolls down the deck, playing bowling for dollars. With the WEM weapons pylons in the Airwing Set installed under your bird, youíll be sitting pretty, spotted on cat #1. When you get back from your CAS mission, having given new meaning to the term ground pounder, youíll already be through the mission debriefing and chowing down on your ribeye, while Jocko goes into his lame Lighten up Skip routine. 

Corsairs & Hawkeyes
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This photo-etched brass set will help you socially as well. With the six flatbed trolleys and the five forklifts that come with the WEM Airwing Set you can really pack a load in record time. Letís face it, those shipís marines can have their panties in a wad when you let down their brethren on the beachhead. For the next shipís dance let Jocko find his name left off of the dance cards of the marines, while you are center of the soiree. 

Forklifts & Flatbeds
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Did you ever have one of those days when nothing goes right? The next time that youíre having a bad hair day and your bird is coming in hot and hard, it will give you the warm and fuzzy to know that you have the WEM Flight Deck Crash Barricade up and ready to grab you with all of the finesse of an all-star golden glove centerfielder snagging a pop fly. Youíll be kicked back and grabbing some Zs, while Jocko has only started filling out the mountain of reports because his bird went over the side into the drink. 

Crash Barricade
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Letís talk insurance. Some clown on the ground may get lucky with a stray AK round and cause you some serious mechanical problems. No matter how hard you nurse your bird, you may have to punch out. If it comes to that, youíll want the rescue chopper there pronto. Have you looked at the stock SH3 Sea King helicopters that the propeller beanies are flying? The chords on their plastic rotor blades are so thick that theyíre lucky just to bounce up and down on deck. If one is lucky enough to get off, it probably wonít have the spare lift to pick you up. Buy yourself some insurance and make the chopper guys happy at the same time with the brass high lift rotors, both flight position and folded, that come with the WEM Airwing Set. The chopper guys wonít forget your thoughtfulness. They will be Speedy Gonzalez when it comes to a SAR for you. 

Sea King
AC6721SH3.JPG (138392 bytes) AC6733InstSH3.JPG (88960 bytes) AC6737fluidtrolley.JPG (80088 bytes)

All right Airdales, listen-up. This is what you get when you get the White Ensign Models USS Enterprise CVN-65 Part Two "The Air Group" brass photo-etched fret for the Tamiya 1:350 Enterprise.

Six High Capacity Aircraft Jacks (Just right to jack up your bird for fine tuning.)
Five Fluid Replenishment Trolley Carts (Ahh, the pause that refreshes.)

One each spread rotor, folded rotor, tail rotor and cargo door for the SH3 Sea King
Seven aircraft towing frames (Have you tried pushing your bird across the deck?)
Four detail sets for the S3 Viking with four sets of doors, weapons pylons, wing fold supports & nose gear (To keep those irritating submarines away)
Eight detail sets for F-14 Tomcat with doors, airbrake, pylons, flaps, tail hook, rangefinder & nose gear
Eight detail sets for A6 Intruder with doors, airbrake, divebrake, pylons, refueling probe, flaps, arrester hook, wing fold supports and nose gear
Eight detail sets for A7 Corsair with doors, pylons, missile rails & tail hook

Eight detail sets for F/A 18 Hornet with doors, pylons, flaps, airbrake, tail hook, nose gear and main gear
Two detail sets for E2C Hawkeye with doors, flaps, tail hook, wing fold plates, nose gear & main gear

Five forklifts

Eight Sidewinder Missile Trolleys

Six flatbed trailers

Nine startcart hoses

One flight deck crash barricade

And of course, the comprehensive WEM instructions



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Here is your ticket to Miramar. Deck out your bird with White Ensign Models 1:350 USS Enterprise "The Airwing" WEM PE 3523 detail photo-etched accessories and she will fly like an angel. Youíll have enough spares to treat all of your buddies, except maybe Jocko. Quality you ask? You Betcha, itís WEM!! With WEM brand photo-etch and parts from the pros of Snitton, youíre guaranteed the flashiest ride in the fleet. So drop Caroline, John or Dave (even Peter, if he is out of the dungeon) a note and tell them you don't want to be a Jocko. They will fix you up and in no time youíll be flying high. (Moon caps and dangling dice not included.)

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