The HMS Warspite is the 1:700 scale resin kit from White Ensign Models. The model was built with the aid of the Warspite Profile Morskie plans, drawings and innumerable photos.

Warspite overhead bow and bridge[1]a.jpg (95779 bytes) Warspitr stb midships elevated view[1]a.jpg (213391 bytes)

I refined around the bridge windows and added bridge awning stanchions, as well as crew. The Walrus aircraft is rigged and added splinter shield is on the main deck.. The photo-etched starfish is an absolute joy to assemble and gives a very crisp result. The railing around the radar lantern was tricky. The camouflage scheme is I believe about right in Tonal values. Photo-Etch is WEM, figures are GMM and rigging is plastic sprue.

Warspite stern view comp[1]a.jpg (100628 bytes) Warspite midships comp[1]a.jpg (128187 bytes) Warspite bow comp[1]a.jpg (60858 bytes)