A frigate may be on the small side when it comes to warship size but when it comes to photo-etch from White Ensign Models detail is on the large side. WEM has produced set 35118, a brass photo-etch set in 1:350 scale, designed specifically for the Academy Oliver Hazard Perry. Mad Pete provides supped-up brass detail throughout the model. For an enhanced superstructure there are the helicopter hangar doors with their segments and separate doors. Other large superstructure parts include replacement spray shields for the superstructure sides, boat deck supports, bridge roof platforms and a new style boat deck.

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The biggest and most distinctive of the fittings/equipment is the six-piece AN/SPS 49 radar array. Other electronics are satcom antennae, wave conduits for mast top & array and antenna spreaders. Four .50 machine guns are provided to provide this light armament carried by modern warships. The machine guns come with bulkhead bracket mount or optional tripod mount. Other equipment and fittings include: old style boat cradle, RHIB cradle, boat crane attachments, stowed accommodation ladder with canvas covering with creases, single and double life raft canister racks, life rings, and fire hose points. There is even equipment for equipment. Two sets of parts are included for SH60 Seahawk helicopters, one with rotors extended and one with rotors folded. The RHIB also gets detail with wind screen, wheel, and stern railing.

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Pride of place for the railing, netting and ladders goes to the excellent safety netting for the flight deck, which consists of six superb open mesh nets. The set has fifteen different railings all custom designed to fit exact locations on the model, eliminating the pitfalls of cutting generic railing to fit. There is also an inclined ladder and generic vertical ladder.

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If you are getting or have an Academy 1:350 scale Oliver Hazard Perry frigate, White Ensign Models set 35118 is a must have accessory. The quality and quantity of these brass parts is exceptional. There is no doubt that employment of this set will dramatically improve the appearance of the plastic kit.

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