Tired of overlarge, chunky plastic quad Bofor 40mm AA gun mounts on your 1:700 scale injected plastic models? Face it, injected plastic Bofors guns most of the time closer resemble telephone poles rather than the deadly tapered barrels of the Bofors gun. Now you can change that. With White Ensign Models 1:700 scale brass photo-etch Quad Bofors 40mm guns, you can add finely detailed relief etched guns for those unsightly plastic telephone poles. With each mount composed of thirteen pieces, you'll certainly have to exercise more care in assembling these miniatures compared to just slapping down the one or two piece plastic caricatures supplied in most plastic kits. However, it is simply a question of how much superb detail in your finished model means to you. Barrels are folded for double thickness in order to reduce the two dimensional characteristics of photo-etch. Six gun mounts are provided in this fret.

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