The Soviet Navy refined the concept of the Rocket Cruiser, a type of vessel normally called a missile cruiser in the west. They are a direct result of the change in naval policy from the change from Stalin to Khrushchev. Stalin had started a big naval program before his death, which included capital ships. After his death the program went into stasis, as the Politburo sorted out who would emerge. When Khrushchev took over he scuppered Stalin's plan and instituted his own plan, which was much smaller and far less costly. It still had a goal of competing against NATO but instead of matching the west type by type in symmetrical production, it would be an asymmetrical program. To counter the carrier forces, the Soviet weapon would be submarines and the Rocket Cruiser. The Rocket Cruiser would apply cutting edge Soviet missile technology to surface forces. While the few USN missile cruisers were fielding antiaircraft missiles, the Soviet Rocket Cruiser, Raketny Kreyser, would use missiles for all forms of naval warfare. Of course there were missiles for AA, and there were rockets for ASW, but the most noticeable difference between a USN CG and a Soviet Rocket Cruiser was the heavy surface to surface missile battery on the Soviet ship. These missiles were designed to be the carrier killers. The Rocket Cruiser reached its zenith with the huge Kirov. The smaller Slava design was equally impressive with rows of missile canisters flanking the forward superstructure. 

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Now all modelers can reinforce their Red Banner Northern Fleet with the powerful Slava class Rocket Cruiser. Trumpeter has released a injected molded 1:700 scale model of the class. However, all those missiles are worthless without good sensor arrays. Sure, Trumpeter supplies plastic parts for sensor arrays but the are solid clunky parts compared to the delicate arrays that are really needed to give your Slava situational awareness. Comrade Piotr Hallski has foreseen the needs of the plastic Slava and developed a product that will convert the Trumpeter kit into a cutting edge replica. White Ensign Models PE-775 has it all. First and foremost are the sensor arrays or radars. Undoubtedly these are the most important parts on the fret, as they replace slabs of plastic with delicate arrays. Since the Slava has a lot of types of missiles there are a lot of sensors to guide them. The list includes the Top Pair; Top Plate for Varyag variant; Top Steer; Pop Group; Front Door; UHF antennae; and DF antennae. To support all of those arrays, the Slava has intricate yards and platforms almost everywhere. Again, you can use the thick plastic slabs in the kit or the delicate brass replacement parts provided by WEM. Just some of these choice items are: foremast top lattice; Top Plate platform; foremast top platform supports; mainmast yardarm supports; foremast rear antenna yard; three foremast platforms and signal gantry. 

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But Wait! There is even more of brass goodness mixed into this delicious stew of fine etched parts. The two helicopters get new rotors and new thin tail fins rather than the kit supplied slabs of bacon. There are actually two sets of rotors, one with blades deployed and other with blades stowed. To further enhance aircraft operations there is a large flight deck safety net as well as safety nets along the perimeter. Other items for the Slava's armament are missile tube platforms; missile tube platform railings; AK130 gun fittings; and AK130 spray shield. Other ship specific parts include: crane parts; customized rails for plastic parts B14 and B15; ensign staff; jack staff; and customized forecastle railings. WEM also provides an extravagant selection of generic parts. These include four long runs of 4 bar railing; four runs of 3 bar railing; two runs of 2 bar railing; two runs of two bar handrails; accommodation ladders both deployed and stored; anchor chain; vertical ladder; inclined ladders and watertight doors. Of course WEM use relief-etching where appropriate, such as the watertight doors. You can even see the turning handles and doors and they have open portholes! 

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Don't let your Trumpeter 1:700 scale Slava class leave port without White Ensign Models PE 775. If you sail with thick, solid, kit supplied radar, you will only be the object of jeers and derision of those running dog capitalists of the USN and effete aristocratic girly-men of the RN. With WEM  PE 775 your Slava can stand out with a formidable missile battery, guided to their target by exquisite brass arrays. With this product your Raketny Kreyser can take pride of place in any contest. 

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