Time for a moment of miniature madness of dandy determined dementia as Mad Pete has designed another brass photo-etched fret for those modelers who insist in strolling through the outer limits of minute detail in brass. This time it is the extremely important and prevalent Bofors twin 40mm AA guns. Found in light carriers, fleet carriers, cruisers, destroyers.....well, on almost everything that floated for the USN in World War Two, these twin gun mounts were used where the size and weight of the quad 40mm mounts were too great for use. This fret contains parts for six twin mounts. Each mount consists of eight parts: gun mounting & elevating gear; rear safety rails; gun barrels; gun layers' seats; footplate; gun sights; turntable deck plate and turntable upper plate. The barrels are designed with two layers of brass that are folded together to provide greater thickness and accordingly a greater three dimensional appearance. All parts have delicate relief-etching, except for the railing and gun sights.

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