The White Ensign Models 1:700 scale model of the Imperial Russian Protected Cruiser Askold has been around for a couple of years but it still builds into a spectacular model. The photo-etched fret for this kit is outstanding. Giampiero Galeoti of Regia Marina puts this kit through its paces and you can see the results.

Under Construction
Askold1GG.jpg (34331 bytes) Askold2GG.jpg (37883 bytes) AskoldGG.jpg (27151 bytes)

The top three photographs show some steps in the building process and the following seven show the finished model.

Ship Complete
Askold4GG.jpg (88543 bytes) Askold11GG.jpg (107808 bytes) Askold3GG.jpg (104138 bytes)
Askold7GG.jpg (123677 bytes) Askold8GG.jpg (127651 bytes) Askold5GG.jpg (102110 bytes) Askold9GG.jpg (134960 bytes)