In December 1941 the larger warships carried a great number of ship's boats. They were more for transportation purposes than for lifesaving. In the peace-time navy not much thought was given to crew saving measures if the ship went down. All that changed on December 7, 1941.

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Ship's boats were bulky, heavy and had limited capacity, considering crew sizes. Additionally, heavy cranes were needed to move the boats into the water. To free weight and space, boat complements were reduced significantly. To increase life saving measures the number of carley floats were greatly increased. They were basically scattered anywhere that spare space could be found. Even these could not provide sufficient capacity for the ever larger crews required for the expanding AA fits.

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The answer was floater nets. These mesh nets, ringed on their perimeters with floats, were compact and had significant capacity for keeping crewmen afloat if not out of the water. To store these nets, baskets were fabricated and fastened along the flight deck of carriers and from the superstructure of other ships. Almost every USN warship had these baskets attached in various locations by 1944.

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White Ensign Models does not want the crewmen of your WW2 USN warships to suffer low morale because you have not provided for crew life saving measures. With the new photo-etch set WEM PE 3556, you now can provide for the safety of your 1:350 scale crews. This handy fret provides two sizes of floater net baskets for your USN warships. The difference is the depth of the basket with obviously the larger size being deeper. With this fret WEM provides 72 of the large baskets and 30 of the smaller ones.

The Stowage of Floater Net Baskets
Essex Class Aircraft Carriers in World War Two, From WR Press
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