When the ShipCraft volume on British Battlecruisers of the Second World War was sent for printing, the Tamiya 1:700 scale model of HMS Repulse had not been released. If it had been available, then White Ensign Models would have had one more entry in that volume. As it is, there are so many WEM products found in this title, that you could be pardoned from thinking that the author was Peter Hall. For the Hood, Renown and Repulse, all of whom proudly flew the white ensign, it is hardly surprising that the British firm of the same name produces more photo-etch sets and other accessories for these battlecruisers than any other company on the world. Well, pipe all hands to the weather deck, as a new photo-etch set from White Ensign Models is steaming into the modelerís Scapa Flow. This new addition is WEM PE 780 and provides the brass photo-etch parts for the 1:700 scale HMS Repulse from Tamiya.

The largest parts on the fret are for the two aircraft/boat cranes. Why have solid cranes of your Repulse when through HM Shipfitters, White Ensign Models, you can use intricate, relief-etched open lattice parts. When others view your Repulse, will they see the thick plastic starfish under your main top, or will they see the intricate multi piece brass WEM starfish, which puts the Repulse in fighting trim. You can totally refit your Repulse with a completely new AA fit through WEM with all three types of light AA ordnance carried by the ship. There are three eight barreled pom-poms. Each gun mount consists of twelve parts with two parts for the base, two for the sides, four safety rails, and four for the guns themselves. There are four quadruple Vickers .50 machine gun mounts provided, each composed of four parts. The ten 20mm Oerlikons are less ostentatious than their more gaudy larger brothers with a modest two parts per gun, the gun and shield. 

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As you go through the instructions, youíll find fittings for almost any point on the model. Not only does the mainmast starfish get totally replaced, but the foretop gets a facelift with replacement parts for yards. A frame for open frame bridge windows is used as additional replacement. Supports are provided for the aft director. The Walrus aircraft get a complete work-over with aircraft cradles, wing struts, retractable wheel assemblies, machine gun ring mounts, and propellers. You can do a turn about the quarterdeck in handsome style without bumping into the Admiral on the inclined ladders at the deck break. These are doublewide ladders allowing simultaneous traffic each way. Normally inclined ladders are just generic low profile items, but that is not the case for these beauties, which are composed of four parts. These are the platform/treadway and three sets of safety rails. There are open scramble nets for your boat davits. The boats arenít neglected either. First, they can rest in comfort and style on their new open boat cradles. Open boats get a new thwart, rudders and oars.

When it comes to finely detailed radar arrays, plastic parts are hopeless, even in the rare event that they are provided in the kit. WEM provides a full sensor fit for the 1:700 scale Repulse. The fore director gets Type 284 radar as well as director supports. You get a HF director for the top of the main mast, which also gets an upper platform with support bracing. Two piece brass anchors replace the plastic ones. If you want your Repulse anchored in Singapore Harbor, WEM provides accommodation ladders. A full complement of inclined ladders in various lengths as runs of vertical ladder provide for all of the climbing needs of your miniature crew. For railing, WEM provides some runs of canvas covered railing in addition to all of the open two and three bar railing necessary to outfit the entire ship. Three lengths of anchor chain are included. 

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Pipe all hands! The White Ensign Models 1:700 scale PE 780 for the Tamiya HMS Repulse is joining the fleet with all flags flying. WEM has produced another essential for anyone building the kit. 

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