Reviewed by Steve Backer

Very few warship kits are released in 1:72 scale, which is the domain of aircraft and armor. So when Revell-Germany released the Schnellboote S-100 in that scale earlier this year, the kit drew significant attention. The S-100 plastic kit makes a very nice model right from the box. (Click for Guido Hopp’s build review of the S-100) Now, thanks to White Ensign Models, modelers can approach the outer limits of super-detailing this kit.

WEMS-100-3306all135.JPG (67829 bytes) WEM-S1003290PE1.JPG (71966 bytes) WEMS100-3291PE1det.JPG (65977 bytes)

White Ensign Models has recently released a two fret set designed specifically for the Revell S-100, for those who wish to partake of the super-detailing experience. This set is designated WEM PE 7201 and is the first set of frets in 1:72 scale from WEM.

WEMS100-3292PE2.JPG (90128 bytes) WEMS100-3293PE2det.JPG (82385 bytes) WEMS100-3294PE2det.JPG (70288 bytes)

As mentioned, there are two frets and instructions in this set, which was designed by Peter Hall, all-around Renaissance man of White Ensign Models. Fret One is the smaller of the two and uses a finer gage brass than the other. The fret measures 3 inches by 2 ½ inches and contains 65 brass pieces, most of which are in 3D relief. Most of this fret adds detail to the 37mm and 20mm guns but there is plenty of esoteric detail to suite the taste of the most jaded grognard, such as compass face (two types), clock face, clock hands so you can set the clock to your favorite time, wheels and gee-gaws of every stripe.

WEMS100-3295PE2dodgers.JPG (66297 bytes) WEMS100-3296PE2det.JPG (69276 bytes) WEMS100-3297PE2torcrad.JPG (82133 bytes)

The larger fret, consisting of 76 pieces, measures slightly under eleven inches by 4 ¼ inches and with its heavier gage brass is more robust. This is entirely appropriate, since the bulk of this fret is composed of your choice of side railings. The choice comes down to two bar open railing or the same pattern covered by dodgers (canvas covers). These brass parts are really beautiful as the railings are highly polished brass set off with the burnished matte finish of the dodgers. You’ll have a difficult choice in deciding which set of beauties to use. This fret also comes with its share of minute detail. Some of the exotic pieces are; flare pistol in holder, replacement helmet rack, RPM dials, safety chain, VHF radio face and torpedo restraining straps. There is plenty of the more mundane but absolutely essential detail such as ship’s wheel, multiple fittings for the 37mm gun, torpedo propellers (a weak spot with the Revell kit), telegraph indicator and torpedo deck fittings. As with the first fret, there is significant use of 3D relief on the parts.

Parts List for the WEM S-100 Set
This is a complete list of parts from the set. This list is from the WEM web site ( and contains odd British phrases and spelling. (sad gits?)
1. Rails/Dodgers.
2. Lifting/locking handle for aft hatch.
3. Smoke pot handwheels and replacement lifting handles.
4. Liferaft hand ropes.
5. Compass and sight to replace binnacle tops if required.
6. Binnacle top window cover and handle.
7. Replacement rail around top of binnacle.
8. Windscreen frame.
9. Replacement bow depression rail
10. Aerial insulators x 4.
11. Cleat for ensign staff.
12. Tie bars between bridge and antennae supports.
13. Replacement helmet rack for back of bridge.
14. Lifting eyes for armoured bridge.
15. Magazine racks for bow 20mm mounting x 12.
16. Magazines for above
17. Section of bow 20mm mounting that extends above breech.
18. Restraining strap/chain for signal platform.
19. Slatted covers for ventilators.
20. Extra detail for bridge binocular sight.
21. Torpedo props, fore & aft.
22. Torpedo cradles and hold down straps.
23. Torpedo loading tackle
24. Bridge compass face (to replace decal).
25. Clear vision screen for forward bridge window (so it can be stuck on to a piece of clear plastic to simulate the window).
26. Wheel and engine telegraphs for sad gits that want to detail inside of wheelhouse.
27. Hinges and handles etc. for front of 37mm shield.
28. 37mm details
29. Ammunition clip to fit in the clip guide.
30. Foul weather covers for skylights on top of lockers
31. Sight for twin 20mm
32. Valve handwheels x 20

WEM has long enjoyed the reputation of having the best instructions available in any warship model kit, plastic, resin, wood or any other medium. The quality of the instructions for the S-100 photo-etched set maintains this preeminent position. Five pages in length, the instructions are in large format (11 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches). The first two pages show the frets (fret one blown up to a larger size, fret two actual size) and contain a complete parts listing. Each part is numbered and keyed to its description in the parts listing. The third page contains panels on adding the brass fittings to the 20mm and 37mm guns. Their assembly is shown through excellent isometric drawings as well as text. Page four covers gunsight, binnacle interior and sight, binocular details, vent covers, torpedo cradles and fittings, and various miscellaneous parts. The last page covers the brass parts designed to replace the plastic parts in the kit along with commentary on usage of the other brass parts to super-detail the S-100.

WEMS100-3298InstCover.JPG (32553 bytes) WEMS100-3299Inst2list.JPG (71051 bytes) WEMS100-3300Inst20mm.JPG (88049 bytes) WEMS100-3301Inst37mm.JPG (52381 bytes)
WEMS100-3302InstDet.JPG (76758 bytes) WEMS100-3303InstDet.JPG (80700 bytes) WEMS100-3304InstDet.JPG (79786 bytes) WEMS100-3305InstOther.JPG (56206 bytes)

Priced at 29.95 pounds sterling (SRP), this set is more expensive than the kit. However, using this set will raise a good kit to an exceptional level, changing the S-100 into a head turner. No one is faster at producing brass frets to super-detail plastic model warships than White Ensign Models. Within a few months of a significant release in plastic, WEM will normally have a brass fret designed specifically for that model. Further, the WEM will be of the highest quality and versatility. Such is the case with the WEM set for the Revell S-100 kit.